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The Beach Reporter — July 28, 2005

Hermosa Beach News: Surfers inducted into Walk Of Fame this week
by Whitney Youngs

Sunday, July 31, 2005 — Hermosa Beach will be the site of live music on the beach and a gathering of influential surfers as the city hosts its annual induction ceremony into the Surfer's Walk of Fame that will be followed with this summer's first Sunset Concert Series show.

The city's Community Resources Department last month announced it would induct Chris Bredesen, Darryl Dickie, George Freeth and Mary Setterholm into the Surfer's Walk of Fame this year. All four individuals have helped shape the city's rich surfing history.

(Note: The article referenced above in The Beach Reporter is no longer available online - sorry.)

Hermosa Beach Surfer's Walk of Fame
— Charter or Pioneer Members: Bing Copland, Hap Jacobs, Greg Noll, Mike Purpus, Jeff Stoner, Dale Velzy, Dewey Weber, Doc Ball, Hop Swarts, Leroy Grannis, Jim Bailey, Bill Edgar, Ed Edgar, Bob Bacon, Ward Baker, Mary Kerwin Riehl, Fred Kerwin, John Kerwin, Ted Kerwin, Jim Kerwin, Al Holland, Paul Matthies, Cliff Tucker, Linda Benson (2004), John Joesph (2004), Bill Meistrell (2004), Bob Meistrell (2004), Sonny Vardeman (2004), George Freeth (2005), Darryl Dickie (2005), Chris Bredesen (2005), Mary Setterholm (2005), John Baker (2006), Mike "Bones" Bright (2006). Honorary Pioneer Members: Wally Bennett, "Tulie" Clark, Douglas Craig, John Dominis, Mark Kauffman, Joseph P. Kerwin, Art Rogers, Olin "Olie" L. Scrivens Jr.

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Easy Reader — June 2, 2005

Pipeline: Velzy helped found modern Surfing in Hermosa
by Mike Purpus

I consider Dale "the Hawk" Velzy to be the father of modern surfing. Dale was nicknamed "the Hawk" because of his keen eye when shaping his famous surfboards. He started surfing in 1936 when surfboards were made from solid redwood. They were 13 feet in length and weighed upward of 100 pounds.

A few years later Dale started shaping smaller, lighter, more maneuverable surfboards from balsa-wood that everyone could carry to the beach and enjoy riding. Dale changed surfing from a fad with just a select few musclemen to the popular sport enjoyed by millions today. Dale Velzy, 77, died last week from lung cancer...

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Easy Reader — February 17, 2005

Pipeline: The original Surf City
by Mike Purpus

Last week, on the front page of the Los Angeles Times, Kimi Yoshino reported that the cities of Santa Cruz and Huntington Beach are fighting over the trademark "Surf City, USA."

Any surfer will tell you that Hermosa Beach is the original "Surf City, USA." It's just too bad that nobody cares. Huntington Beach paid $335 first to the United States Trademark and Patent Office for the right to the title...

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