Great News! The City of Hermosa Beach is moving forward with a fresh new design for this exciting project. Please visit their dedicated Web page at the following URL:

Hermosa Beach Surf Legends

Hermosa Beach Surf Legends Gallery

A collection of some of the finest photographs of surf legends who have made history for Hermosa Beach... For more information about this project, please visit the City of Hermosa Web site at the link shown at the top of this window.



S pecial thanks go out to City of Hermosa Beach Public Works Department "movers and shakers" Rick Morgan, Director/City Engineer, and Frank Senteno, Manager, whose outstanding support and enthusiasm continue to help make the Hermosa Beach Surf Legends Memorial Fountain project a reality - Thank You Rick and Frank! Frank Senteno also graciously provided the high-quality scans that made the HBSL Gallery images below possible - Thank You Again Frank!

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